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We believe the best fertilizer is the footprints of the grower.

As growers we take great pride in the quality of product we produce. This is not just a business but a way of life. We care deeply about our soil, the trees and the end product. Some of our ground has been farmed for three generations and sustainability and resource stewardship drive our growing decisions. Your customers can be assured that every piece of fruit has been meticulously cultivated to meet their highest expectations.


  • 80% of our power needs for packing and cooling our fruit is supplied via our own solar power generation plant.

  • We utilize recycled water for all our cooling towers and defrost activities in the cold storage warehouse.

  • We have converted to all electric forklifts to make use of our clean solar generated electricity.

  • To make our solar electricity do more we have efficient LED and CFL motion sensor lights in our warehouse to save watts when they are not needed.

  • Our products are all packed into recyclable packaging and shipped on returnable pallets.

  • Our product transfer trucks all run on clean burning LP gas.

  • We are certified PrimusGFS for good manufacturing practices



  • We utilize surface water sources to reduce ground water overdraft, and nitrates.

  • When needed, irrigation water is efficiently distributed thru drip and micro sprinkler systems that ensure water is put exactly where the tree needs it.

  • We conduct routine nutrition analysis of our soils and trees to determine optimal crop needs. Our trees are nourished by Green Waste that has been composted.

  • Crop care is done using University of California guidelines for Integrated Pest Management. Key components are maintaining a healthy ecosystem in the soil and tree by using pheromone mating disruption, releasing beneficial insects, and when needed soft chemicals that target specific pests and not the good guys.

  • To keep our air clean of PM10 dust particulates we practice non-till farming and field road improvements to reduce dust.

  • We have incorporated solar power generation for our irrigation well power needs.

  • We are certified GlobalG.A.P. for Good Agricultural Practices.

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