An outstanding eating experience that will have your customers begging for more. Brandt Farms sells Thomcord grapes under our Grape Jammers brand. A Grape Jammer Thomcord grape is a cross between the Thompson Seedless and Concord grape varieties. It has the sweet crisp seedless texture of the Thompson grape and the strong grape juice and jam flavor of the Concord grape. They are truly the Grapey-est Grapes.

We also have a website with all the information about the grape jammers brand,


Our Grape Jammers are harvested with peak sugar and maturity and for that reason they require extra care. Because of the cross of varieties, there are trace seeds from the Concord that sometimes remain in our seedless Thomcords. All our Grape Jammers are hand packed in a controlled temperature facility to ensure the highest levels of food safety and quality. To ensure that they are able to make their journey to your home we package them with care in 1 pound clamshell containers. This is the perfect place for the Jammers to chill in your refrigerator until they are ready to party. 

To learn more and access more sales information regarding Grape Jammer visit the Grape Jammers website HERE!


Our brochure gives the run down of the Grape Jammer brand, and marketing information.

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